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Big thanks to all the great people that came to my yoga classes in 2019. Whilst you may have probably wrestled with the initial decision, hopefully you found that it wasn’t sooo bad or weirdy?

You may have forgotten to breathe at some point and found that moving for an hour on a small footprint of a yoga mat is actually harder than you imagined. That balancing is like golf, sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t.

You were probably surprised that you were actually able to do all of the postures and realised that you could even further with some.

You may have also realised that this is good stuff, you are getting stronger, and the balancing is easier. You became more aware of your posture, your core is tighter and you have a better understanding of your body.

What you hadn’t banked on was your awareness of the breath and how good it feels after the relaxation at the end of the class.

So I’m looking forward to the classes in 2020, and if anyone else out there is at all curious about yoga and maybe wrestling with the prospect of attending a public class why not come along and surprise yourself.. We’d love to see you.

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Stuck for ideas this Christmas? Why not treat someone to some excellent yoga instruction? This offer is for a free Range of Movement assessment and two private sessions. Also included:- a personalised report highlighting body constraints and personalised home practice plan. Suitable for anyone wishing to take up yoga or anyone interested in refining their practice. Price £90 all inclusive.

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But equally there's a good deal of stress around so we need to allow ourselves the time to take care of ourselves. My yoga classes are designed to develop strength, balance and flexibility and through the process of moving from one posture to the next, the mind is focused on the body, the breath and the movement. Mindfulness.

In our yoga practice we are putting the body into physical stress and using the breath to release the nerve receptors in the muscles and tendons. This creates a behaviour pattern. When we are away from the mat and dealing with what life throws at us, we then find our response to stress is measured and calm.

If you are interested in these techniques, come along to one of my classes and see for yourself.

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