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I’m looking forward to holding some public yoga classes now that the leisure centres start to open up and schools return. I will continue to hold the Zoom classes as these are working out ok and will be on a donation basis, still recognising the financial hardships for some. Details on the website.

I have applied for my ‘free’ permit to Wokingham Borough Council, and aim to arrange an outdoor class in due course. Please let me know if this is of interest?

We are still waiting to hear from the schools where I teach, Finchampstead and Spencers Wood. I have an open mind on this, perfectly understandable if the schools decide not to open for lettings or that people prefer not to attend a class at a school. Class numbers will be capped, subject to the risk assessment and your thoughts welcome on whether this is viable for you?

I am starting again at Wellington Leisure Centre in September for club members. I hope that the 2 classes will now be Thursday and Saturday, both will be vinyasa flow. The downtime has enabled me to experiment and I have some really cool sequences to share with the classes.

And finally starting 1:1 in my studio where I can maintain 2m social distance. There are 2 flavours of instruction:

· I have revised the Range of Motion Assessment to be “hands off” and will still be able to assess and develop a personalised home practice plan that targets body constraints.

· FAB – Foundation, Alignment and Breath Instruction – this will help improve overall technique and enable students to go deeper into their yoga

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