'Yoga at work'

What I do

I run yoga classes at your office or business for your colleagues. Whether this is part of your well- being initiative or a one off, I will work with you to tailor a class that will meet your requirements.

Taster classes are £80.

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How it works

Before, during  or after the working day, we only need a room, I provide flyers and help you to generate interest. The class could be any flavour of yoga and mindfulness. I bring enough mats, I am  fully insured, DBS cleared and first aid qualified.

If your people are working from home and you are concerned with their posture, health and wellness,  I can provide online targeted yoga classes to support your well being initiatives

What you get

A 60 minute guided class suitable for beginners to yoga, participants learn about their anatomy, breath awareness and coping techniques for stress and anxiety.