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Chair's a real stretch!

I have started teaching chair yoga to some seniors every week and I really love it! It stretches me (no pun intended) as a teacher, firstly understanding how the movements and postures can transfer to the seated position as well as managing the class to ensure it is both safe and enjoyable for the attendees.

We can be really inventive and versatile with the content and it is great to see the engagement. I believe that there is a lot to offer with a chair yoga class. Many of the movements and postures are transferable and just as challenging. We can incorporate breathwork clearly and meditation. and with some of the dynamic movements I am putting together, we have a vinyasa flow. I also like how I can incorporate the chair into the balance class, it helps people that may be challenged with balance to join in and also to develop their strength.

Certainly my customers are enjoying the classes, reporting, improvements since we started and we are only 4 weeks in!

Chair yoga is also transferable from seniors, in the sheltered accommodation I currently teach at, to the office, where posture is already under serious threat across the workforce.

So if you are interested for some yoga in your workplace, or, you might run a care home or sheltered accommodation, please call me and let me convince you that this is a great thing to try!

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