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Yoga for cyclists

I will be running online yoga classes soon specifically aimed at cyclists. Whether you are a roadie, mountain biker or recreational cyclist, this class will target the range of motion constraints found amongst cyclists, and methods and techniques to improve performance and endurance.

I have posted before of the problems we develop over time, particularly when training and developing our bodies in the saggital plane only, forwards, backwards. Before I started yoga, I was training for marathons, triathlons and endurance cycling. I didn't realise at the time how tight my hips were and only discovered the constraint when out walking several miles and developing a really uncomfortable pain in the lower back. I hasten to add, this has now gone away.

We will also cover the breath and how a conscious approach and awareness to the breath can significantly help any sports activity. If you want to learn more about your body, your breath and your current range of movement these classes may be of interest.

I will also be running similar classes for other sports over time. If there is anything you are interested in and would like to learn more how yoga may help, please let me know.

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