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There's a yoga teacher in the room!

When I was in the Royal Air Force, we joked that you always know when a pilot enters a room, because they would tell everyone they're a pilot...

Well this is my opportunity to blow my own trumpet and put it out there that I have passed a significant threshold of over 2000 hours yoga instruction. I am particularly pleased that this is recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals who have elevated my status to that of an 'Experienced Yoga Teacher', and I get a gong!

I am hugely appreciative of the many people that have attended my classes over the years and practiced yoga with me, thank you if you are one of those yogis and reading this.

Looking forward, this new status empowers me to give something back as well and I am now looking at the next phase. I will be putting together some workshops to go deeper into the yoga I teach, hopefully mentoring and supporting other teachers as well as continuing my intention to bring yoga to more people and bring more people to yoga, particularly men!

2000 hours of teaching barely scratches the surface of yoga practice, there is so much to this wonderful thing of yoga. I am just pleased to have the opportunity to help people to improve their lives through yoga and long may this continue.

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