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How to make a small step to a big change....

As we commence 2024 and with the anticipation that the year ahead brings us, maybe you are considering new interests, fitness objectives or lifestyle changes. Perhaps these objectives and goals already seem overwhelming or simply not that engaging enough.

However, incorporating a daily, simple yoga routine can work wonders for the body and mind.

Embarking on a new yoga practice may seem challenging, primarily because the body is not accustomed to change and there remains a widespread misconception of the practice of yoga.

In simple terms, for me, yoga is a method of ensuring my physical body can move in all directions, the way it needs to at this point in my life, with ease, and in that process, my mind becomes calmer, thereby allowing the body to release even further.

Granted, when we start, there may be a little discomfort, after all, this is change, but perseverance, patience and a nice slow breath will soon open your eyes and your body to the new normal.

This new normal is simply restoring your natural range of movement, which has been gradually eroded over time. All is never lost though.

Just 10 minutes of a prescribed yoga sequence is enough to get you going and with over 5000+ yoga postures, there is something for everyone to explore.

By setting a specific time and place for your daily tlc you will enhance your ability to build and maintain your yoga routine. And it doesn’t matter if you miss an appointment with your mat, or two, providing you don’t judge yourself negatively and re affirm your commitment to return.

For those reading this that are interested in exploring this potentially life changing practice, the following tips are worth considering.

1.      Understand your intention. Knowing and re affirming this to yourself is a powerful motivator.

2.      Find a good teacher. They will see where you need intervention, and help you navigate the journey

3.      Join a community. Try a class, the benefits of group dynamics extend to yoga practice and there is an energy felt in a moving class like no other.

4.      Enjoy the process. Soon you will tap into the mindfulness of movement and the time will fly, your daily practice will evolve, go deeper and you will feel the power of the breath.

5.      Don’t push it. Yoga will come to you if you are patient and it will happen, it is a subtle practice and less is always more.

If you are considering any new activities at this time of year and wish to improve yourself, I would really like you to consider yoga and see and feel for yourself the power therein.


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