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The best way to start your day!

It really is.... I am currently teaching online morning yoga to a local college and it is going extremely well so I have decided to extend the classes to the public, subject to interest. These will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 07:45 to 08:30. The classes will be quite standard yoga, and I will keep the format consistent so people become familiar, this will encourage mindful movement, or moving meditation. This is how I started my interest in yoga, with a regular morning stretch through sun salutations and dancing warriors to get the tissues moving and then some triangles and maybe a balance. The second part of the session will be on the mat and really working with the postures and breath.

You will start your day in a different mindset and your body will feel energised.

You don't have to know yoga to start these classes, I will take you through progressively and help you develop, as I did.

Over time I will introduce more postures and sequences so you can develop your own home practice and become more experimental in your yoga.

If you are interested in adding a different dimension into your day, then please get in touch, I will offer the first session for free and subsequent sessions @ £5 ea or discounted for blocks of sessions.

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