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Park Yoga Wokingham is back for 2022!

It was really fantastic kicking off Park Yoga Wokingham 2022 on the 1st May. We continued form where we left off last year, but with more people turning up for some outdoor yoga in the beautiful Howard Palmer Gardens in the town centre. Wokingham is now established as one of the 17 locations across the south of England that provide free outdoor yoga classes to everyone, no barriers to entry, we are totally inclusive, and the yoga is accessible to everyone.

Park Yoga has grown over the last few years, like many things, COVID had an impact and coming out of successive lockdowns last year, it was evident how beneficial Park Yoga was to people.

We are a charity and survive and thrive on donations, people are extremely generous which enables Park Yoga to expand and take yoga out to more locations.

There are many people across our community that might be interested in yoga but not wish to attend a yoga class, for any number of reasons. The great thing about Park Yoga is that is free, people can remain inconspicuous and work at their own pace without feeling pressured and simply choose which movements they like to do. It provides people the opportunity to try some yoga, learn about what goes on in a class, learn a little about their body and take a moment in our busy lives to release, relax and feel connected with nature.

Only this week a new NHS guideline was published stating exercise is good for people with wear-and-tear joint arthritis and should be a "core treatment". The charity Arthritis Action said it hoped the guidelines would reassure people with osteoarthritis that exercise is a good intervention.

I know, as a yoga teacher, that movement is key to living a good life and yoga is a great way to move, in any class we will move the body through the 3 planes of movement. Moving through the postures on grassy ground is so good for the joint and improving our balance. Breathing fresh air being surrounded by nature brings a different dimension to a yoga practice, you really need to try this to see.

We will be holding Park Yoga sessions every Sunday, in Howard Palmer Gardens, through the course of the spring, summer. We hope we can engage with more people and really build a yoga community in Wokingham, young and not so young, there are no restriction as to who joins in.

Please come along and try a session, you will be very welcome. For more information, go to our Park Yoga Wokingham Facebook page

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