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"I don’t think a public yoga class would be my thing…."

I remember thinking exactly this when a suggestion was made about a means of sorting out my creaking body, however I began to realise that as miraculous the human body is with repairing itself, it could do with our help along the way.

Many of us consider that because they may not fit the ‘typical yoga profile’, as seen in the magazines and the media, they do not belong in a public yoga class. I was somewhat nervous about being a ‘chap’ and going along to my first class, but it soon became apparent that this was not like going to the gym at all and actually once we had been through warm up, became such a fascinating experience. Eternal thanks to Sam Rao.

The truth is that yoga is the most accessible and welcoming activity for anyone, no matter their level of fitness, flexibility, age, gender etc.

Almost anyone will be able to do the sort of gentle stretching that is characteristic of yoga. You will find that possibly, at one time in your life you have performed many of the foundation asanas. Even if you are out of shape you will be able to participate and start to improve the way your body looks and feels. I am offering beginners and newcomers the

first class free to come and try it out if they wish..

Generally speaking, a hatha yoga class will follow a sequence of postures, which in turn relax different muscle groups, promoting an engagement of mind and body, we tune into ourselves through the class and start to reacquaint with ‘us.’

Over time, our bodies adapt, our nervous system relaxes and we find that what we couldn’t even conceive doing last year is now an easy foundation to another posture. But let’s not lose sight of the holistic benefits of yoga going far beyond a strong flexible body, take a look at my FAQ.

I often remark that my yoga journey started when I needed to mend by body from various sports injuries, and then yoga crept up on me. When competing, it became evident that my performances dropped with each passing year, although as the yoga took hold, I became more flexible and relaxed with each passing year.

It still remains though, that some people just aren’t comfortable with attending a public class which is understandable, however it would be such a shame that this precluded a yoga journey.

If this sounds like you, I would welcome a chat about how we could get you on your way to your personal practice, so you too can experience this beautiful way of living.

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