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How to get the best out of an Alpine break...

The annual pilgrimage to get the 'fix' of the white powder is starting soon and in life, preparation is the key to success, making sure the kit still fits, checking out the snow reports and getting the logistics sorted.

Some of us would even check out a gym and attempt to get the body in shape...

I got to thinking about this since most of the yoga I teach is about functional movement, core stability and moving efficiently. The public yoga classes I run are actually well suited for skiers so I have taken it a stage further and put together a really good sequence of postures. flowing movement that will prepare the key muscle groups for a bout of skiing or snow boarding. There is plenty about this on the internet, check out the snow+rock article. The sequence takes approximately 20 minutes, so practised about 3 times a week will strengthen the quads, hip flexors and core. Balance will improve, as will concentration.

I can teach this on a 'one -to-one basis to to a group. I will provide a handout to follow at home and some additional 'take aways' for pre ski and post ski stretches.

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