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Here we go!

Welcome to my site and this first, inaugural, beginning, kick

It is my intention to start posting interesting stuff here as the practice develops, hopefully to generate thought and conversation about yoga practice which in turn leads to building awareness... it seems wrong that this wonderful thing of yoga isn't resonating as well as it could. Out there are millions of yogis that just don'y yet know it.

So the thing that is consuming my time at the moment is building this practice, I have just confirmed my booking at the FBC centre in Finchampstead for regular Tuesday evening classes from 7pm, we start on Tuesday 28th August, I'm really looking forward to meeting other yogis wherever they are on their journey.

That said, my private studio will be completed around the same time which will be brilliant. Keep checking this site for updates, it will take 3 - 4 students and I will be able to create some bespoke practices.

One of the messages I want to get out there is becoming aware of our posture, there's clearly enough discussion already and I'm sure we all know how hard it is with work and life to maintain a good frame..I hope to bring some tips and observations that get us thinking.

On this very point and in closing, next time you see a young baby crawling around the room, take a look at the back when they sit up on their bottom and how naturally, effortlessly straight it is...

Keep practicing!

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