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If you are interested in yoga but not sure about joining a public class or gym class, perhaps a private 'one to one' session or small group session is a good way to start.

These sessions might be one, two or three people so you can spread the cost with your friends, partner, or family members, making private tuition accessible.

These sessions can be at your location or my studio, the content will be whatever you are interested in for example:

  • Typical public yoga class

  • Help! I want to try yoga but don’t know how?to public classes and what 

  • Yoga 101 - basics, types of yoga, popular postures, and sequences

  • Build your own home practice

  • Arm balances, learn to headstand and handstand

  • Range of Movement Assessment and targeted intervention


The use of yoga as a supplementary practice will  undoubtedly improve the performance of any sports person. 

The benefits of yoga in sports have been documented and attested within sport, whether this is building physical strength and flexibility through an asana practice, improved respiratory function with breath training or improved concentration and focus through and mindfulness training.

I am qualified to teach yoga to professional and recreational sports people, please get in touch to find out how yoga might help in your discipline.

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