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Launching my online, on demand channel 3 April 2023!!

I am really excited about the launch of my new channel, 'GetFitwith Richards Yoga' and to be collaborating with the FitWith brand!

Since starting my yoga teacher journey, I have continually and consistently created yoga content, whether these are my monthly blogs for this site and local magazines or the videos I have massed on YouTube, some 60 now. Plus the many class handouts and guidance for injuries sports, my guided meditations and soon to come, breathwork coaching.

I am now bringing all of this content together onto the FitWith platform an will continue to upload new classes every week, run some Livestream classes and much more.

This will be my focus going forwards, delivering high quality content to help and encourage more people to yoga.

You can see the platform below, and click here to reach it.

This is a subscription model and the price is less than a regular weekly latte, there is a 20% reduction for those that join the wait list now by followin the links above.

Finally, if there is anything that you would like to see on the platform related to yoga and breathwork, please let m e know!!

Thank you , I look forward to seeing you on the channel.👍😊

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