My route into yoga was  through sport. I used the practice to rehabilitate from injury and build all round body strength. 

It became evident that that there is so much more to this practice.

I focus on functional movement, building strength in the core to support the spine and sequence the classes to focus the mind through the breath into our movement. This benefits us away from the mat to deal with the stresses of life.

The yoga I teach is practical and I make sense of the practice.

My aim is to encourage more people to roll out a mat for the first time and embark on a journey that could change their lives.

My logo shows 2 of the asanas I worked hard to achieve when I started yoga, signifying that if you try, you will succeed and smile through the process. A good life is also getting the balance right, yin and yang, and finally my pride in serving with the Royal Air Force.

**Qualified Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) yoga teacher with 500+ hours teaching experience.

I am a YAP specialist  - qualified to teach yoga to professional and recreational sports people.**


 Public Classes - 1 to 1 - Intro to Yoga - Yoga for runners and bikers - Yoga for golfers - Yoga for men