The use of yoga as a supplementary practice will  undoubtedly improve the performance of any sports person. 

The benefits of yoga in sports have been documented and attested within sport, whether this is building physical strength and flexibility through an asana practice, improved respiratory function with breath training or improved concentration and focus through and mindfulness training.


Online cycling specific yoga classes are aimed at improving performance through a targeted strength and flexibility  programme enabling you to supplement your training or post injury rehab.

A series of 4 progressive classes, each session is 45 minutes and will introduce new postures building up to a home practice plan that can be modified to your needs.

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The article below is written from the perspective of a runner - not a yoga teacher – and in language a runner would relate to.

Sarah Ramsden, the author, is hugely knowledgeable in yoga and how this will help athletes. 

I am fortunate to have studied under the Sarah, my style and public classes are designed around this intention. I am also a runner and still enjoying my running at 58 years in. Yoga really will help!

 Public Classes - 1 to 1 - Intro to Yoga - Yoga for runners and bikers - Yoga for golfers - Yoga for men