Men only Yoga classes in November in support of Movember

Every Monday 7pm Gorse Ride Infants school

All proceeds will be donated to Movember

Introducing the benefits of yoga, this is a physical class, teaching functional stability, breathing techniques, balance techniques , arm strength and core integrity and improving ranges of movement.

There will be no lycra, gongs, incense or chanting. Moustaches are recommended, real or fake.

I have spare mats, the class is suitable for absolute beginners and you will learn how to take care of your body and mind, create your own home practice and have a 'bit of a laugh' in the process.

Like the Yorkie bar, this is not for girls, this is Yoga for Men!

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The class will start with loosening the joints and tension in the body, there will be a different breathing technique each week to show how we can reduce the stress we carry as men.

We then start moving through set sequences, learning the alignment and how to move fluidly, mindfully building the movements and challenging ourselves. Balance and wobbling will follow and then we'll put it all together into a mega flowing sequence. With the body warmed, we'll attempt arm balancing, work on the core and end with releasing the tightness in our muscles.

 Every class will conclude with some headspace relaxation to regenerate and feel good!

You will surprise yourself, you will challenge yourself and you will feel good about supporting men's health and yours!

Spaces limited, please book here or send me an email