Next Workshop: Kick off your teaching on the right foot
Saturday  20 Aug 10:00 - 12:00


This workshop provides teachers, who are just about to embark on their teaching journey, with a wealth of information. Teaching is a big leap and some decide that it may not be for them, which is a shame as we need more teachers. The objective is for anyone that is about to start to teach,  to empower them with knowledge, awareness and some of the of pitfalls they may encounter, to help build confidence and support them in this phase.

Intended for

You could be an aspiring teacher, just about to start your training, you may be into your training or even have completed. Even if you are teaching and it is going well, this is an opportunity to see if there is anything that might help you develop further.


The workshop will cover how to set up, establishing your intention and objectives. We will look at the business side of things, your target demographic marketing and finance management. Advice on websites and booking platforms as well as social media presence and YouTube. Finding the right location and getting the time right. We will explore class structure and advice and information on delivery of the class from initial grounding, breathwork, asana practice, yoga sequencing anatomy and flows. We will also discuss guided meditation and yoga nidra. We will consider in person teaching and online and how to setup for online. We will talk about 'one to one' teaching and how to add value by carrying out a range of movement assessment that will enable interventions. How to write inspired content for blogs and local periodicals.

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Sport Yoga Workshop # 1: Yoga for cyclists

This workshop is the first of a series of workshops, aimed at yoga teachers primarily but also sports people who will find this useful.

I will explain the benefits that a yoga practice will provide, considering the chronic conditions that manifest within the particular sport and how these can be prevented and managed with a yoga practice.

We will consider the requirements of the sport and how yoga can work.

I will explain how to assess bodily constraints and plan the yoga interventions.

The intention is that yoga teachers are empowered to teach yoga for the specific sport credibly and that sports people learn about their body and how they can self manage issues and, perhaps, improve their performance


Where and when

Either online or face to face, dates and times TBD

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