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No time for a home yoga practice?

How I managed to develop a daily yoga practice that fits in with a busy schedule

I really struggled early on along my yoga path build up a personal practice, I just “didn’t have the time” this probably is the same for most people, we are all sooo busy these days and priorities take over.

It didn’t really help that my perception, from hearing other experiences and reading articles, was that I would need to commit an hour or 90 mins to have any meaningful benefit, which would never work, please read on.

So I just resigned myself to the weekly class, which was great and I really looked forward to the time on the mat and the feeling afterwards.

But I still felt inside that to get more out of this marvellous yoga that I should work something out and was reminded of the third Niyama ‘Tapas’ in the context of cultivating a sense of self discipline, not the sophisticated Spanish cuisine, that’s an entirely different blog….

The solution for me was to create a habit, I took the opportunity of a holiday, where my routine would be totally different for a period of time anyway so I could experiment with the time and commit to some yoga, every day. I was also realistic with the intention, I would do 10 minutes only and worked out a comfortable practice around this. On my return to the normal timetable, I found that the 10 mins could be accommodated quite easily, and settled into a morning practice.

You may ask what benefit just 10 minutes of yoga could achieve….I would respond , try it and keep with it every day, see if you can get to a month, and then ask the question again, you’ll have the answer!

It wasn’t long however before I started bringing in new asanas and experimenting with modifications and 10 minutes became 20, I reorganised my morning, got up a little earlier, 18 months on, I can just about squeeze in 35 minutes, but don’t want to leave the mat – you could say I now  have a habit (but I’m dealing with it)!

It doesn’t matter either if we miss some days, just keep going back, some mornings I really don’t feel like it, (the inner voice whispers Tapas) and when I come off the mat, I feel great..

Some days when I just cannot roll out the mat, but I really miss it, it turns my day..

Developing a daily practice will improve the balance in your life. There are plenty of sequences and asanas to provide a rounded accessible daily asana and pranyama practice where you can lose yourself

Drop me a line if you would like help along your path.

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