Public Classes will resume soon, limited numbers, COVID safe, please email me if you are interested?

Online yoga classes via 'Zoom'

Progressive physical yoga class with clear guidance and instruction to build core strength and flexibility.

No gongs, no chanting, no 'woo woo' simply focused movement with clear instruction and explanation of the benefits.

Monday 19:00 - Suitable for beginners and regular yogis
Tuesday 19:00 - Suitable for beginners and regular yogis
Pay via PayPal and I will forward the meeting password
Thank you!

Whilst restrictions are lifted and we can get back to some normality, I will be continuing my online yoga classes and also offering a ‘yoga at yours’ class for anyone interested.

These will be outdoors, in your garden or suitable private space, weather permitting of course.

Groups up to 5 people, I will guide through sequences and help improve your technique and alignments, maintaining social distance.

There will be a minimum charge of £25 for the hour, subject to other terms, on request.

If you are interested, please contact me for more details.

​​(Anyone participating with richards' yoga online classes do so at their own risk. Check with your GP before undertaking any exercise regime and work within your constraints and safely. If any posture hurts, don’t do it.)

 Public Classes - 1 to 1 - Intro to Yoga - Yoga for runners and bikers - Yoga for golfers - Yoga for men