Public Classes will resume soon, limited numbers, COVID safe, please email me of you are interested?

Online: Public Classes 

Online: One to One classes

Through Zoom: One hour of guided yoga vinyasa flow starting with spinal articulation and gentle warm up of the body then into more challenging postures before winding down into lovely long stretches and ending with relaxation

Through Zoom: One hour of guided yoga at a pace that suits you. We work on foundation, alignment and sequencing

Content can be to your needs and class  handouts provided for home practice as well as the session recording

Online: Range of Movement


Determining where your constraints are with a series of positional assessments derived from the 'Yoga for Sport' ROM Assessment. This enables me to produce a tailored home practice to take forward.

Online: Sport Yoga

Through Zoom: ROM Assessment and structure class to improve performance, build strength and flexibility and develop breath awareness, whatever your sport.

Online: Yoga for Schools

I am currently teaching online yoga to a couple of private colleges and it has been a great success. These sessions are aimed at 13-18yrs, and cover the physical and mindfull aspects of yoga, helping students to develop coping mechanisms for the challenges they face.

​​(Anyone participating with richards' yoga online classes do so at their own risk. Check with your GP before undertaking any exercise regime and work within your constraints and safely. If any posture hurts, don’t do it.)